🤖Telegram Bot (for personal)

Telegram Bot (for personal) Features

Please go to DBot-Dashboard and bind the bots below or you can just log in DBot with Telegram. DBot telegram bots supports fast buy and sell, Anti-MEV mode settings, real-time push of copy orders, sniping, limit order status, and check the rebate fee rewards in real time.

Enter the contract address of the trading pair, and the token security will be automatically checked. (honeypot, LP burnt, mintable, freezable, top10 hold, etc.)

DBot Telegram Bot now supports creating and edit limit orders, auto sniper and copy trading.

Also, token multisender and token collection are supported for TG Bot

DBot - Sol Trading Bot

DBot - Bsc Trading Bot

DBot - Base Trading Bot

DBot - Arbitrum Trading Bot

DBot - Dex Trading Bot

How to bind Telegram Personal Bot?

(If you have registered via Telegram, please log in via Telegram without binding)

  1. Add Telegram Bot with different blockchain

For Solana, search "sol_dbot" in Telegram or click this link: https://t.me/sol_dbot

For Base, search "base_dbot" in Telegram or click this link: https://t.me/base_dbot

For BSC, search "bsc_dbot" in Telegram or click this link: https://t.me/bsc_dbot

For Arbitrum, search "arb_dbot" in Telegram or click this link: https://t.me/arb_dbot

For Ethereum, search "dex_dbot" in Telegram or click this link: https://t.me/dex_dbot

  1. Bind Trading Bot

Click "Generate Key" and copy it, in the Bot chat box, click Start, then click Bind, fill in the copied Key and send it, then the binding will be successful

  1. Refresh the page

After binding, refresh DBot's Telegram Personal Bot dashboard

DBot Telegram Group: https://t.me/DBot_EN