Automated DEX API

About DBot API

DBot automated DEX API will provide developers with functions such as batch management of subordinate accounts. You can call DBot's transaction function excuse and transaction records, bill and other query functions through programming, making it easier and faster to build Web3 Dapp or query and obtain on-chain data in real time.

DBot API helps you build Web3 Dapps or query and fetch on-chain data in real-time. We provide a number of standardized Web3 RESTful APIs that are optimized for access rates, allowing you to quickly and instantly access any on-chain data, including Token and NFT metadata, holders, holdings distribution, wallet balances, approval history, transfer history, and more!

We provide all APIs free of charge, and unlimited access rate, i.e. unlimited QPS, all you need is to register and login to DBot (no credit card required). You can try it for free after binding your email/Discord.

How to get DBot API for free

  • Sign up for DBot and get access to DBot API for free

API Documentation

Our Advantages

  • FastGlobal RPC data nodes, also with the special GPU acceleration technology

  • UnlimitedAll APIs support unlimited QPS

  • FlexibleData responses that can be arbitrarily combined/customized and support programming

  • FreeIncluded in the Forever Free Plan