🔫Pump Trading

DBot supports fast buy / sell, copy trading, and limit orders for Pump tokens.

Please go to the DBot-Dashboard to experience Pump automated trading for free.

Fast Buy / Sell for Pump

  • Please go to the DBot-Dashboard and click the left sidebar: Bot-Automation, click on the upper right corner: Fast Buy/Sell, fill in the Token/Pair Address, buy and sell conditions for Pump, and you can fast buy and sell Pump tokens.

How to get the contract address of a trade pair?

For Solana, search "sol_dbot" in Telegram or click this link: https://t.me/sol_dbot

Please go to the DBot-Dashboard to bind DBot - Sol Trading Bot. After importing or creating a wallet, you can try one-click buying and selling Pump.

(If you have registered via Telegram, please log in via Telegram without binding)

Click "Menu-/start" , select "Buy / Sell Tokens" or enter the Pump Token/ Pair address, follow the steps and enter the buy and sell quantity and other information to fast buy and sell Pump.

Auto Copy Trading for Pump

Please go to the DBot-Dashboard and click the left sidebar " Bot-Copy Trading" , click on the upper right corner " Create" , fill in the relevant settings for copying conditions, and auto copy trading for Pump will work.

DBot can freely choose to follow the transaction DEX pool

For example, only follow the Pump transaction of the wallet, or exclude the Pump transaction of the wallet.

Checking All means copying all DEXs, including those added later. If you do not want to copy a certain DEX, just uncheck it.

How to use copy trading by DBot

  • Due to the pump trading mechanism, the actual SOL consumed may be more than the fill-in buy amount (max slippage is limited to 50% by default)

Note: The transaction of Pump is to fix the amount of token bought and adjust the amount of SOL consumed, the actual SOL consumed is capped at: SOL filled in / (1-slippage), if 1 SOL is filled in and the slippage is 20%, the cap will be 1/(1-0.2)=1.25 SOL, if the slippage is 100%, it means that there is no upper limit, and it may consume all the SOL in the wallet To ensure the safety of user's funds, we have limited the max slippage of Pump related transactions (including copy trading, limit order, fast buy / sell) to 50%, you can go to “Settings - General Settings” to lift this restriction