📖Getting Started

Just one step! Log in and register DBot to try DEX automated trading

DBot Register Tutorial

Go to the DBot-Dashboard, log in and register DBot (support Telegram/email/wallet login) to experience DEX automated trading for free.

Remember to bind your email, Discord, and wallet address to improve security (you can select your local language in the lower left corner of the DBot-Dashboard).

After binding DBot Telegram Bot, then you can use fast buy/sell, query rebate rewards, and push real-time trading status such as copy tradings, sniping, and limit orders.

How to bind Telegram Personal Bot?

(If you have registered via Telegram, please log in via Telegram without binding)

After completing the above registration and binding, you can directly enter the contract in Telegram to trade; if you want to copy tradings or perform data analysis, you can log in to the Dashboard on the web or H5 mobile phone.

Welcome to join DBot Telegram Group for communicating


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