🔥Auto Limit Order

Buy low, sell high, automatic take profit or stop loss according to pre-set strategies

Limit orders are used to buy or sell tokens at a set price within a specified time period

  1. Create a new task

Please go to DBot-Dashboard, and click "Create" on the "Limit Order" page.

2. Configure parameters

All basic settings are required, buy/sell settings are enabled by default, and will not follow the buy or sell if turned off. After saving, the orders will be created with limit buy and limit sell

  • Basic Settings

Token/Pair Address: The contract address of the trade pair for the token you need to buy / sell

Enter the contract address of the trading pair, and the token security will be automatically checked. (honeypot, LP burnt, mintable, freezable, top10 hold, etc.)

My Wallet: Select the wallet used to limit buy / sell

  • Buy / Sell Settings

DBot Buy Price: Trigger to buy when the token reaches this price

Buy Amount: Amount of ETH/SOL/BNB used to buy the token

Expiry: Effective time for limit buy/sell, overtime unexecuted orders will be invalidated

Priority Fee: Used to incentivize miners to prioritize your transactions, the higher the priority fee the faster the transaction is processed

Gas Delta (Gwei): The amount of gas you are willing to pay over the blockchain average, assuming 5 is filled in and the current blockchain average gas is 20, the gas for the transaction will be set to 25 Gwei

Max Gas (Gwei): Max gas you are willing to pay, beyond which the transaction will not take place

Slippage Tolerance: The difference between the actual price and the desired price, the difference multiplier = 1/(1-slippage), 50% means a maximum of 2 times the accepted spread, 100% means unlimited spreads

Retry Count: Retry count after task failure, 0 means no retry

Concurrent Node: Nodes to which the task is sent at the same time

Sell Price: Trigger to sell when the token reaches this price

Sell Ratio: Sell ratio of the token, e.g. if choosing 50%, only half of the holdings will be sold

  1. Save and check

Limit orders are enabled after saving, and can be manually modified to disable

Limit orders have three statuses:

  • In Progress: Orders that have not reached their expiration time and have not yet been executed

  • Completed: Orders that were successfully bought / sold

  • Expired: Orders that failed to buy / sell or were not triggered by the expiration time

After binding DBot Telegram bot of the corresponding chain, the limit order task status can also be pushed in real time

Tips: You can click [Settings] in the lower left corner of DBot-Dashboard to customize your time zone (for easy viewing of local time in transaction records) and save commonly used automated transaction setting templates, which supports one-click switching when creating new tasks

Also, you can set default wallet and defaule trading fee wallet on this page