🤖Telegram Bot (for group)

Telegram Bot (for group) Features

  • Token Query

Query detailed information about tokens with simple commands

  • NFT Query

Query detailed information about NFTs with simple commands

  • Wallet Query

Query detailed information about wallets with simple commands

  • On-Chain Data Query

Query real-time gas, number of pending transactions and other information with simple commands

How to bind Telegram group

  1. Add DBot Search for "open_dbot" in Telegram or click: https://t.me/open_dbot

  1. Invite DBot into your group

In the DBot chat box, click on the name, then click "Add to Group" and select the group you want DBot to enter.

  1. Generate Key In DBot's Telegram dashboard, click "Add to Telegram", then generate a key and copy it.

  1. Add to group In the group where DBot is invited, use /bind and paste the copied key (only the group owner can bind, and there needs to be a space between /bind and the key)

e.g. /bind 0mlf0ba6xl9mjivwyad2

  1. Refresh and enable the group After binding, refresh DBot's Telegram dashboard and enable the bound groups

DBot Telegram Group: https://t.me/DBot_EN