🔥Fast Buy/Sell

Buy/sell tokens easily, quickly and securely

Fast Buy/Sell tokens through DBot Web / H5

Please go to DBot-Dashboard, click on the left sidebar "Bot-Automation", click on the upper right corner "Fast Buy/Sell", fill in the Token trading pair contract, buy and sell conditions, and you can fast buy and sell tokens.

How to get the contract address of a trade pair?

Enter the contract address of the trading pair, and the token security will be automatically checked. (honeypot, LP burnt, mintable, freezable, top10 hold, etc.)

Tips: You can click [Settings] in the lower left corner of DBot-Dashboard to customize your time zone (for easy viewing of local time in transaction records) and save commonly used automated transaction setting templates, which supports one-click switching when creating new tasks

Fast Buy/Sell tokens through DBot Telegram Bot

Please go to the DBot-Dashboard to bind Telegram bots, or you can just log in DBot with Telegram. After importing or creating a wallet, you can try one-click buying and selling tokens.

Click "Menu-/start" , select "Buy / Sell Tokens" or enter the Token/ Pair address, follow the steps and enter the buy and sell quantity and other information to fast buy and sell tokens.

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