Development progress of DBot, DEX / Bot / API and other functional updates

July 2024

Take profit & stop loss upgraded, burn tokens to redeem SOL rent supported

- Take profit & stop loss upgraded (Solana/Base/Bsc/Arbitrum/Ethereum)

- Trading process for Solana optimized, copy trading / limit order / auto sniper / fast buy&sell speeds up again, resolving the issue of speed stability in some high-volatility on-chain scenarios

- Burn tokens to redeem SOL rent supported

- Settings of default buy amount and default sell ratio for TG BOT supported

July 2024

Take profit & stop loss and market cap filtering for copy trading supported, message style for telegram BOT optimized

- Take profit & stop loss (for token) for copy trading supported (Solana/Base/Bsc/Arbitrum/Ethereum)

- Market cap filtering for copy trading supported (Solana/Base/Bsc/Arbitrum/Ethereum)

- Homepage / copy trading / auto sniper / limit order for telegram BOT optimized

- Retries for token multisender and token collection supported

July 2024

Solana's global routing coverage upgraded, transactions dramatically accelerated, extensive settings upgraded and interactions optimized for TG BOT

- The transaction of Solana reorganized, and the speed of copy trading / limit order / auto sniper / fast buy & sell dramatically improved

- Token2022 standard for Solana supported

- Setting templates in TG BOT for copy trading / limit order / auto sniper / fast buy & sell supported

- Token display in TG BOT optimized

- Payment with Solana's SOL / USDC / USDT supported

June 2024

Moonshot & Orca (WP) for Solana supported, View token holding PnL in TG BOT supported

- Moonshot for Solana supported (copy trading, auto sniper, limit order, fast buy / sell)

- Orca (WP) for Solana supported (copy trading, auto sniper, limit order, fast buy / sell)

- View token holding PnL of all wallets in TG BOT supported

- Skip freezable token for copy buy supported

- Import wallet from file supported

June 2024

Raydium (CPMM) for Solana supported, View Token holding PnL supported, Take profit and stop loss of copy trading (for wallet) supported

- Raydium (CPMM) for Solana supported (copy trading, auto sniper, limit order, fast buy / sell)

- View Token holding PnL of all wallets supported

- Take profit and stop loss of copy trading (for wallet) supported

- Copy buy of Solana optimized

- Token multisender and token collection for TG Bot supported

June 2024

Meteora (DLMM) for Solana supported, token security detection supported, limit order management supported at Bot

- Meteora (DLMM) for Solana online (copy trading, auto sniper, limit order, fast buy / sell)

- Token security detection online (honeypot, LP burnt, mintable, freezable, top10 hold, etc.)

- Create and edit limit orders at Telegram Bot online

- Wallet import/delete and swap order information query API online

- Setting of unlimited Pump slippage online

May 2024

Uniswap V3 (all chains) supported, setup trading templates supported, copy trading optimized

- Uniswap V3 for Ethereum, Arbitrum, Bsc online (copy trading, auto sniper, limit order, fast buy / sell)

- Personalized settings of auto sniper, copy trading, limit order, fast buy & sell online, and different templates can be switched with a single click (and time zone modification is supported)

- Filter settings for copy trading online, with support for setting copy range and min balance retained in the wallet

May 2024

Raydium (CLMM) supported, multiple copy buy modes added, Bot interaction optimized

- Raydium (CLMM) for Solana online (copy trading, auto sniper, limit order, fast buy / sell)

- Fixed amount buy and fixed ratio buy added to copy trading

- Bot interaction optimized, redundant messages removed

- Settings page of H5 optimized for display and interaction

May 2024

Uniswap V3 (Base) supported, custom copy trading DEX, Solana Anti-MEV optimized

- Uniswap V3 for Base online (copy trading, auto sniper, limit order, fast buy / sell)

- Customized DEX for copy trading online

- Solana Anti-MEV optimized, support for custom Turbo mode and Anti-MEV

May 2024

Pump supported, copy ratio sell supported, bribery (Jito) supported, Solana private nodes speed up dramatically

- Token trading for Pump online (copy trading, limit order, fast buy/sell)

- Copy trading supports following the smart money's sell ratio

- Bribery (Jito) online ( auto sniper, copy trading, limit order, fast buy & sell)

- Significant Hardware Upgrades and Speedups for Solana Private Nodes

April 2024

Multi-chain token multisender & collection launched, new users can be invited via Telegram

- Multi-chain token multisender online (Solana / Base / Ethereum / Arbitrum / Bsc)

- Multi-chain token collection online (Solana / Base / Ethereum / Arbitrum / Bsc)

- Telegram is available to register and log in DBot. And Referral Program is available on Telegram as well

April 2024

DBot Trading Bot Multi-language system launched, Token Multisender and Collection Launched

- Telegram Bots support multiple language switching

- Token Multisender online. Send tokens to multiple addresses with a single click

- Token Collection online. Collect tokens from multiple addresses to one with a single click

April 2024

DBot trading fees & rebates, automation API launched

- DBot trading fees and rebates are online, invite friends to trade to get a high rate of rebates

- Automation API is online, you can customize the creation of auto sniper/copy trading/limit order/fast buy/sell tasks through the interface

- Mobile adaption, wallet list optimization

April 2024

DBot Arbitrum Bot & advanced settings launched

- ORE machine support

- DBot Arbitrum Bot launched (auto sniper, copy trading, limit order, fast buy / sell, etc.)

- Retry and multi-node concurrency settings support

- Adapt more mobile H5 pages (auto sniper settings, copy trading settings, limit order settings, etc.)

April 2024

DBot Base Trading Bot launched

- Auto sniper on Base launched

- Copy trading of custom address on Base launched

- Custom limit order on Base launched

- Fast buy / sell and one-click asset transfer on Base launched

April 2024

DBot BSC Trading Bot launched & Solana Bot optimized

- Auto Sniper, Copy Trading, Limit Order on BSC launched

- One-click transfer of wallet assets including SOL / BNB / ETH

- Dashboard supports tokens trading directly and quickly

- Some of the dashboard's functions are adapted to mobile H5

- Solana adds Anti-MEV protection

- Solana monitoring mode is optimized to improve bot response speed

- Solana contract parsing upgraded to support more events and interaction prompts

March 2024

DBot SOL Trading Bot launched

- Auto sniper (Solana)

- Copy trading (Solana)

- Limit order (Solana)

- Asset management (Solana)

- Profit & Loss Analysis (Solana)

March 2024

Auto Sniper and Trade Simulator launched

- Support to snipe buy with custom tokens and automated take profit and stop loss

- Support all DEX Bot features at zero cost in the trading simulator

February 2024

DBot DEX Trading Bot Upgrade

- Copy trading supports to copy custom addresses

- Copy trading and limit order support to view trading history

- Webhook, Discord Bot, Telegram Bot support custom filter conditions for events

- Support to buy and sell tokens in Telegram

February 2024

DBot DEX Trading Bot launched

- Copy trading

- Limit order

- Asset management

- Profit & Loss Analysis

January 2024

DBot DeFi / DEX - Amibot monitor launched

View the gains & losses of Aimbot in different time periods, as well as the detailed data, and receive real-time trading alerts of Aimbot in your endpoint URL, Discord and Telegram

December 2023

DBot feature upgrade

DBot Webhook online

- Support for over 30 on-chain events with configurable endpoint URLs to receive alerts

DBot Discord and Telegram Bots online

- Custom Bot

- View real-time on-chain monitoring messages in Discord and Telegram

- Use commands to query information of Token/NFT etc.

DBot Twitter monitoring online

- View timed on-chain statistics and real-time whale transaction alerts in twitter

- View details of statistics and whale transactions on DBot's official website

November 2023

DBot To Be Announced

Welcome to DBot and be a Blockchain Scientist!

August 2023

API query system added

The first batch of Web3 on-chain APIs include four major categories, with a total of 28 data interface services provided: Wallet APIs, Token APIs, NFT APIs, and Whale APIs

July 2023

L2 Support

Added chain data support for L2 network, Arbitrary and Optimization

June 2023

Monitoring subscription system added

Add blockchain event monitoring and subscription at any scale

Added address book to customize the addresses and contracts that need to be monitored

Added endpoint book to customize endpoint url that accept push

May 2023

The official version of DBot v1.0 was born

After half a year of improvement and modification, DBot ushered in its first official version. In the initial version, it supported Ethereum, Polygon, BNB Chain and Tron respectively.

December 2022

DBot Discord & Telegram plug-in v1.0 beta is born

Based on DBot's powerful real-time data processing, we have further developed a data query Bot on Discord and Telegram. The monitoring and analysis of on-chain data can sometimes be monotonous. We hope it can help you and accompany you.

Of course, the craze of AI technology is sweeping now, and we plan to also give "intelligence" to these hard-working robots working on the chain 24/7. With the training of a large amount of on-chain data, maybe they will become real experts in blockchain technology?

September 2022

DBot Webhook standard development

Real-time monitoring and response to all on-chain events and messages is the goal that DBot pursued from the very beginning (after all, it is called a super blockchain terminator robot). Therefore, we have developed a rigorous and detailed event list for almost all current chains, including hundreds of on-chain events such as transfers, minting, DeFi flows, whale changes, account changes, smart contract execution, blockchain memory pool changes, etc.

August 2022

DBot API standard development

Although the on-chain data of different chains have similar standards and implementations, they still have many differences in details. Therefore, it is particularly critical to formulate a RESTful standardized API data structure that is as close as possible to the original chain protocol. Why RESTful? Because this is currently the most widespread, simple and efficient data interface standard in the world, you can easily get the HTTP response result by just entering the address in the browser.

For developers, most of the data on the chain will be responded to through the dedicated SDK request RPC interface. However, complex chain node deployment and smart contract analysis have relatively high technical thresholds. We hope that most users who love and expect to be able to monitor and observe data on the chain in real time can easily obtain this capability.

Of course, we will continue to launch a variety of data interfaces including jsonrpc, grpc, graphql, etc. in the future to further facilitate users with different docking needs.

July 2022

DBot v1.0 beta was born

During the actual processing of on-chain data, we observed that the powerful parallel computing performance of GPU for the processing of blockchain data is surprising, because compared with traditional complex and diverse industry data, blockchain data has a high consensus of consistency, standardization and structure. This provides the most important foundation for us to build a large amount of parallel data pipeline, through the pure GPU programming model, we create tens of thousands of data processing streams on GData, and under the support of distributed GPU hardware clusters, we can achieve nearly terabytes of real-time data throughput.

Then the name DBot was proposed (We're also big fans of sci-fi robots), and we decided to make DBot what it is: a super Terminator robot dedicated to blockchain data.

May 2022

The GPU data-driven engine - "GData v1.5" - has been upgraded and has begun trying to apply parallel computation to blockchain data

After a lot of data testing and verification, even under the acceleration of ordinary consumer-grade graphics cards, GPU data engines can achieve extremely high performance gains compared to traditional databases. After further refining the engine, we began to apply GData to blockchain data processing (We are both enthusiasts of the crypto world).

Although the trend of applying GPU to POW chain nodes is still hot at this time, the design goal and direction of GData are not so, we firmly believe that POS or other low-energy blockchain technology solutions are the ultimate future (in fact, most chains have been upgraded to POS).

September 28, 2021

GPU data-driven engine-"GData v1.0" was born

This is the earliest origin of DBot. After two years of research and development in the GPU lab of the university, we have preliminarily completed a high-performance data processing and analysis engine based on a general GPU programming model.

GData was created with the goal of maximizing the ultra-high concurrent pipeline performance of modern GPU hardware to enable parallel processing of very large amounts of data, and thus solve the congestion and bottlenecks encountered by traditional CPU computing models.