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Question about DBot

  • Does DBot use private nodes?

All of DBot's nodes are private nodes, and the nodes are currently only available to DBot users. We strictly control the usage of each node, and private nodes can ensure that there will be no congestion caused by any MEV and private requests. At the same time, we are also strengthening the construction of more physical private nodes, and there will be separate dedicated nodes open in the future.

  • Any difference in the nodes and speed between the free version and the PRO plan of DBot?

Both DBot free and paid plans have exclusive private nodes and complete technical support services. The speed is continuously optimized after long-term dev experience. The paid professional version is mainly for users with larger transaction quantities and amounts, and provides lower handling fees.

Paid plans have lower transaction fees (DBot Free Plan is 0.5%, DBot Pro Plan is 0.03%, DBot Enterprise Plan is 0.01%), and support more monitoring events, among other features.

  • Does each chain need to use a separate Bot? Is there a limit on the number of trading tasks?

Bots are completely separate for different chain.Each chain has independent bot and all use private nodes. There will be no interference between different chain and bot. There is no limit on the number of copy tradings, auto sniper, and limit order tasks.

  • Link to DBot Telegram bot

Please go to dashboard and bind the bots below or you can just log in DBot with Telegram. DBot telegram bots supports fast buy and sell, real-time push of copy orders, sniping, and limit order status.

DBot - Sol Trading Bot

DBot - Bsc Trading Bot

DBot - Base Trading Bot

DBot - Arbitrum Trading Bot

DBot - Ethereum Trading Bot

  • How to ensure wallet security in DBot?

Bot products are private key escrow services that help users achieve key transactions in the fastest, most stable and most extreme way. We will implement professional private key control programs through engineers with many years of smart contract reverse parsing and development, and then complete the batch and high-speed effects that are difficult for ordinary users to achieve manually. In terms of security, we adopt the most stringent control mode of single import + unattended access, that is, the user's private key is a one-time import, and the system design does not have any export ports.

At the same time, all private key operations can only be performed through the Bot program, and there is no possibility of manual contact in the system design. However, security is an infinite proposition. Please still allocate wallet funds reasonably according to your own situation. It is recommended to use small amounts and regular rotation. It is recommended that wallets used solely for transactions should not participate in any web plug-in interactions. Please keep your account properly. It is recommended to enable 2FA and do not install any high-authority browser plug-ins.

  • Why can't I log in to DBot?

Please check if there is any relevant email in your spam folder (or if the wallet plugin is working properly). If the problem cannot be solved, please go to DBot DC to open a ticket or TG group @admin

  • Why only EVM address not SOL address can be used when registering DBot with Phantom Wallet, can I only use EVM address, but not SOL?

The EVM address is only used to register and log in to DBot, and does not affect the use of other functions. You can fill in other chain's wallet addresses such as SOL according to your needs when you use DBot.

  • Why can't I pay successfully for DBot plan upgrading? Error: You have unpaid fees on solana chain

Please check whether the wallet plug-in is normal. If it is an H5 page, H5 currently only supports credit card payment. If you want to pay with cryptocurrency, please go to the official website.

  • Why can't I make any transactions?

Please check if there are any unpaid fees. If there are, just pay the unpaid trading fees (How to pay : please log in to the official website with your mobile phone or computer, and pay the fees on the bill page on the left side of the console) If there is no unpaid fee, or the payment fails, please join DBot DC to open a ticket or go to TG group @ administrator, and we will follow up for you immediately.

  • Which Token contracts does DBot support?

DBot now supports fast buying and selling, copying, sniping, and limit orders for Sol/Base/Bsc/Eth/Arb chains (Polygon/Tron/Optimism chains are under development)

Supports Sol Raydium(AMM), Raydium(CLMM), Raydium (CPMM), Meteora (DLMM), Jupiter V6, Pump, Moonshot and Orca (WP)contract tokens.

Supports Uniswap V2 and V3 contract tokens for Base, ETH, ARB, and BSC.

  • DBot only can be used on computer web pages?

In addition to the PC web version, the mobile H5 can use DBot as well. We are also optimizing the adaptation to improve the user experience on the mobile phone. At the same time, we also provide TG bot.

  • Is the DBot simulator the same as the actual transaction?

Because the simulator does not have a complete on-chain process, factors such as success rate and gas cost are also different. It can be used as a reference to help make a preliminary judgment on the trading style of Smart Wallet and the profitability of copy trading.

  • I registered DBot with a Telegram account, how can I change the binding?

Please use Telegram to log in to the web page first, then add a new login method on the web page, either email or wallet, then click on the telegram personal in the left sidebar, unbind the TG, and then bind this TG to the new account.

Questions about copytrading and sniping

  • How to create a copy trading order task?

Please log in to the DBot official website and set it up on the Copy Trading page in the dashboard.

  • Does copy trading support setting automatic stop-profit and stop-loss?

DBot supports following the proportion of copy selling (following the selling proportion of the smart wallet), stop-profit and stop-loss for token-level. DBot also supports copy-order stop-profit and stop-loss for wallet-level.

  • Can I use TG Bot to create copy orders/sniper orders/limit orders tasks?

For sure, you can create and edit limit orders, auto sniper and copy trading at Telegram Bot. Also, Token multisender and token collection for TG Bot

  • How about the copy trading speed?

We now have a large number of users who use it, the current feedback of copy trading are very good. Our average speed has been greatly optimized and improved. According to our observations, sometimes the speed can even exceed the order copying target. We build our own nodes, so there will be no situation where they are occupied by external services. We can ensure that service resources are exclusively for our member users during the peak period of the market.

At the same time, we have pledged nodes and have done a lot of intelligent routing broadcast optimization, striving to queue up and go on the chain as quickly as possible. But at the same time, there are many global chain nodes, and the synchronization situation is also very complicated. Occasionally, there will be unexpected things such as short-term forks, but at the same time, the final result is closely related to the current transaction concurrency and congestion level on the chain. But in general, our current speed is leading the market, and we are continuously optimizing in every upgrading, constantly strengthening node firepower coverage and routing algorithm acceleration.

The success of following orders is affected by many factors, such as priority fees and slippage settings. It is recommended to set priority fees and slippage reasonably. The transaction speed of DEX trading bots depends more on the congestion on the chain. We will give users prompts for reasonable settings based on the congestion level on the chain to maximize the success rate.

  • Which mode has a lower failure rate of copy trading, the turbo mode or the anti-mev mode?

The turbo mode will automatically allocate the priority fee to gas and jito. If your gas is sufficient, the success rate of the turbo mode will be higher. In the turbo mode, the priority fee will be automatically split into multiple optimal transaction routing channels. The turbo mode gives the highest priority to ultra-large-scale concurrency, extremely low latency, and extremely fast chain upload. In this mode, please set the slippage carefully to avoid excessive fluctuations in transaction expectations.The anti-mev mode will initiate transactions through privacy nodes, and you need to pay a bribe to speed up the chain upload (but the final synchronization depends on the global node consensus, which can not be 100% guaranteed)

  • How to set gas fees and slippage for copy trading/sniping?

Due to the complexity of the chain, please set it according to personal needs, the style of smart wallets (the popularity of sniping tokens), etc. It is not recommended to set too high slippage for large-amount purchases. It is recommended to set the slippage within a reasonable range. 50% slippage means that you can accept a purchase at 2 times the price, and 100% means that you can accept a purchase at any price. The difference multiplier = 1/(1-slippage)

  • Why do I get a sandwich attack when using copy trading?

DBot uses private nodes to ensure privacy and security in the transaction mempool, but the transactions of DEX contracts are still open and can be monitored. In the block time interval of EVM, huge slippage will still give mev bots enough benefits to execute sniping. Unless it is a popular coin or a very optimistic coin, we do not recommend setting huge slippage. We will remind you of this part when setting it to enhance the risk. Sol is different from Evm. Sol does not have a unified mempool, so Sol will not have a mev problem fundamentally, but Sol is publicly linked like all other chains. Now Jito covers nearly 80% of the nodes. Like our monitoring, the market will also have other large orders to monitor. In a very short period of time, if the order is large and profitable, there is a probability that it will be preempted by other monitors at a very high Jito price. If you have a large order demand, you can turn on the anti-mev mode and set the Sol Jito bribery fee. The amount can be appropriately increased according to your own experience.

  • What does concurrent nodes mean in advanced settings? Will there be additional charges?

This refers to the number of nodes. If you select multiple concurrent nodes, multiple nodes will help you request at the same time, increasing the success rate of the transaction. It is possible to pay more gas for multi-node concurrency. SOL generally does not, but EVM may. It is recommended to only use it in necessary sniping scenarios.

  • Why does copy buy/sell fail?

You can click the question mark in the copy order record in the dashboard to view the specific reasons and make adjustments. The success rate of copy order sales is affected by many factors, such as gas and slippage settings. It is recommended to set them according to the smart wallet style. At the same time, the congestion on the chain will also affect the success rate of copy order sales.

  • Why does the error "too much sol required" appear when Pump copy buy fails?

It is a slippage problem. The core reason is that the pump can only copy trade according to quantity of token. Therefore, if the slippage is completely released, users may spend far more Sol than expected. In order to avoid extreme situations and protect the rights and money of users, the DBot backend currently limits the slippage of the Pump.

  • Why does the error "estmateGas;CALL_EXCEPTION;execution reverted" appear when copy trading or auto sniper fails?

This is the mechanism of EVM. In order to avoid gas loss, the nodes on the chain will simply simulate the execution of the transaction. If the simulation result is unsuccessful, the actual execution result must fail. Returning errors in advance can reduce the gas loss caused by some transaction failures. This error is generally caused by insufficient slippage or problematic tokens.

Other questions

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