🔥Referral Program

DBot Referral Program is open for everyone without limit

Invite friends using your personal referral link to register

Earn at least 30% commission on their trading fees, up to 90%

The highest in the industry, unstoppable

General Rebate: 30%

  1. 30% of the commission for all friends you invite will be synchronized to your account in real time.

  2. You can withdraw it at any time, no limit

Premium Rebate: 60~90%

  1. If you are a professional agent / influencer, we also provide the highest rebate rate (up to 60%-90%, according to the rebate level evaluation)

  2. All commissions will be synchronized to your account in real time and can be withdrawn at any time, no limit

Application conditions:

Mainstream social media platforms (Twitter/Fackbook/Youtube, etc.) have more than 1,000 fans or have at least one active community with more than 200 people.

DBot Referral Program online now. Everyone can go to DBot official website to get ur exclusive invitation link https://dbotx.com/dashboard/referral

How to get ur own Premium Rebate:

And open a ticket and send the proofs for application #🤝|contact-us-ticket

✅ The screenshots of ur social media or the fan group link

✅ Your exclusive referral link of DBot

After reviewing by the DBot team and confirming that you meet the conditions, an exclusive advanced rebate ratio will be opened for you in 24 hrs

  1. Join DBot Telegram Group: https://t.me/DBot_EN

And DM the admin to apply


DBot pilots the lowest fee standard in the industry, DBot Free Plan is 0.5%, DBot Pro Plan is 0.03%, DBot Enterprise Plan is 0.01% Rewards will only be credited to the account after the user's cumulative volume reaches the threshold (100U for Ethereum, 10U for Solana/Base/Bsc/Arbitrum) and the commission is deducted, and there will be a certain delay

The first round of DBot Referral Program is valid for 1 year. And the alpha slots are limited, first come first served