🤖Discord Bot (for group)

Discord Bot (for group) Features

  • Custom Bot

Supports customized and personalized settings for Bot’s name, avatar, status and other attributes

  • Token Query

Query detailed information about tokens with simple commands

  • NFT Query

Query detailed information about NFTs with simple commands

  • Wallet Query

Query detailed information about wallets with simple commands

  • On-Chain Data Query

Query real-time gas, number of pending transactions and other information with simple commands

How to set Discord statistics channel by DBot

  1. Enter the Dashboard, click "Bot" - "Discord", keep your target configuration server open, click "Go" to enter as shown below, open "Statistics Channels" and click as follows;

Then click "Create Statistics".

  1. Enter the configuration interface, as follows:

Red box: selection chain

Yellow box: Fill in the contract address. We choose a popular address here for example.

Blue box: Data that needs to be monitored in the sidebar of Discord. After unchecking, the corresponding monitoring fields will not be displayed on Discord. The channel name can be customized in the input box. Take "Price" as an example and change it to "Tether USD".

Green box: Here is the naming of a category setting (if not filled in, it will appear at the top, if filled in, it will be the folder name)

Then click "Confirm", the configuration is completed as shown in the figure below, and the corresponding data appears in the Discord sidebar.